Contingency Search

Clients hire us to find the ideal candidate for a position which is contingent upon the successful completion of the search and hiring of that person.  This is certainly a common approach and extremely successful in many cases for many searches and strategic opportunities.  Depending on the complexity, importance, or urgency of the search it could be beneficial to consider a higher priority service with one of the various retained services programs we can cater to you.

Retained Search

This is often the best approach to hiring top talent for your company as both the recruiter and the client company is committed to each other during the search process. The highest priority is given by all involved and with exclusivity, our team leaves no stone unturned in finding the most qualified candidates. It is more of a partnership and our team knows the client commitment and priority to the position. The service fee for our retained search assignments is split into two payments – at engagement or the start of the search and the balance only upon completion. Thus, the fee is exactly the same as our contingency services but the benefits are superior.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have handled M&A transactions from both buy-side and sell-side.  That is to say, clients hire us to find potential target companies to acquire as well as firms use us as a trusted advisor and marketing team to present and help evaluate a firm to purchase them.  Our industry knowledge and working with the global and regional firms give certainty to knowing the players in a market if a firm desires an entrance into the given geography or specific skill sets.  Also the relationships we form with executive level leaders in growth oriented firms give us an edge to not only know who the firms of interest would be, but also have the rapport with them to get acquisition conversations started.  Our team is spearheaded by Greg Goslin who holds BS and MBA degrees in Finance, but also understands the specifics around a design services firm and what will be necessary to successfully orchestrate a match.  We offer a variety of M&A services from simply identifying a potential buyer/seller to full service M&A offerings including valuations, deal structuring and negotiations, deal closing and integration plans.