At AEC we locate professionals who are making solid contributions to growth, execution, and excellence at their current firm.  We evaluate them on several diverse factors like accomplishments, recognition by the market place, referrals, credibility, success rate of projects captured and delivered,  but most prominently their continued drive to be more successful than their peers.  Our role is to deliver on the right individuals to organizations to meet their strategic goals.  We are not only successful in recruiting the right candidates for specific needs, but always having our clients best interest in mind if we identify someone who has capability of making significant bottom line impact and making strategic or opportunistic presentations too.

Our entire team strives to evaluate individuals looking for career development and opportunities for personal and professional growth.  We attempt to find out what is important to a candidate and build a relationship with them so we understand their motivation for change and their criteria for exploring other opportunities.  We also strive to learn as much as we can about the client companies in greater depth–company culture, types of individuals who will thrive in the organization, strategic goals of the company, etc.  It is certainly not an exact science, but by diving deep into the intangibles of a potential candidate and understanding what makes a firm unique, we find that we can align much better matches, leading to long term success.