We take the time to understand our clients in great detail—their history, their business philosophies, their leadership, their culture–and who would excel in that culture. We understand each and every client’s hiring process so we are efficiently working with them from beginning to end. Our knowledge of the industry and its key players allows us to effectively find, recruit and present top tier candidates. But presenting them is only part of the process. Negotiating compensation packages, deterring counter-offers, and actually closing the deal are critical components in helping our clients successfully hire and retain the best-of-the-best.

Our clients trust us to uncover exceptional talent in a timely manner. They want our help in evaluating that talent so we are not wasting valuable time with under-qualified persons. They trust us to counsel them in handling specific personalities, keeping candidates motivated and excited, handling tricky compensation issues, and avoiding common hiring mistakes—things we have years of experience in dealing with on a regular basis. They expect us to deliver the best fit for their organization and they want it done as efficiently as possible. We understand those goals and we have proven ourselves over and over again. That’s why our clients come back to us again and again for their key hires.

Our clients work with us in a number of capacities—retained searches, contingency searches, and mergers & acquisition services.