At AEC Consulting Group, our company culture is directly responsible for our successful performance. At the foundation of our culture we build upon our commitment to put the individuals and companies who trust us with their future ahead of ourselves. This is what some of our candidates have to say about us:

“Greg is sharp and innovative. I like his attitude too. He has always been helpful during my career. I have the impression he treats all his clients and colleagues with the utmost respect. He would make a great team leader anywhere.”

Senior Associate

“AEC Consulting Group worked with me to obtain interviews with major Top-ENR A/E firms for a position as Regional/General Manager and/or Practice Manager with these various companies. They are very well connected and the coaching was excellent. They helped me every step of the way.”

Director Of Infrastructure

“In my roles in both my firm and the engineering profession, I am regularly contacted by Executive Recruiters for our industry. Most operate on a transactional basis, and often quickly fade from contact once a particular search is completed. I was recently contacted by Greg Goslin in an unsolicited communication, but found the stated approach of to be intriguing. I replied to Greg and subsequently had a long conversation with him about my goals and desire to continue to grow in my career. Greg took the time to listen and ask questions not related to a specific search in an attempt to really know me. Although I was not actively looking for a new position, weeks later Greg identified a client needing my skills and arranged a series of discussions that are ongoing. Regardless of the outcome of this exploration, Greg has been the consummate search professional.  He has been discrete, openly communicates with me and has remained effectively engaged with both me and his client. I will recommend him to colleagues in my network who would benefit from the services of an ethical and engaged recruiter.”

Vice President

“It became apparent to me, early on, that AEC Consulting Group’s approach to the ‘recruitment process’ is markedly different than the typical executive management firm. They are not merely in the business of placing qualified candidates and firms together. Rather, they are in the business of:

  • Building relationships for the future (with candidate as well as  the firm)
  • Defining the candidate’s career goals as well as their respective core competencies
  • Defining the candidate’s technical ability and, more importantly, defining ‘roadblocks’, which may affect placement
  • Understanding the technical requirements and organizational culture of the benefiting firm

Only when the above ‘evaluation’ is completed/understood, are confidential inquiries made to the most compatible firms, which provide, not only the proper career path for the candidate, but the best possible employee for the firm.  I see this as a significant benefit for all involved.  Having been on both sides of the executive recruitment process, I appreciate their recruitment process, attention to detail, persistent follow up and consistent encouragement throughout.  I find AEC to be of great value and recommend them highly.”

Senior VP Of Energy

“Thanks to Greg, I obtained the dream job beyond my expectations. He also went as far as negotiating for me the best salary and benefits possible with a lot of chances for more adjustments to the already high salary within a short period. I have worked with a few talent search agents before but no one has come close to Greg at his high level of efficiency.”

Program Manager