1. Why Don’t we give detailed job descriptions?

The majority of the jobs we work on are non-advertised positions. Most of our clients have their own internal teams that work on those types of positions, so we try and stay more geared to the strategic positions, which keeps specific job descriptions obsolete.

As strategic recruiters, we often have clients who ask for us to identify candidates who are currently employed and happy with their current role, but see the benefits of keeping their ears to the ground for that one opportunity that could potentially draw them away from their current employer.
Since all of those specifics are ever changing we believe it is important to see they types of positions we are or have recruited on recently, but engage us in a conversation on what would be important enough for you to explore change.

If you are open to a conversation we suggest you reach out to one of our recruiters today at 407-205-1796.

2. Why don’t we want you to submit your resume online?

Most recruiting firms want you to apply for a position via their website before you speak to them about the position. We do not believe this garners the best fit for the candidate or client. The resume is crucial to showing your achieved skills and preparing a company for a conversation, but doesn’t tell your whole story, that is equally important to your next career step.

We value the conversation and getting to know a candidate before we speak about specific jobs, as every company, and need, can be different to someone’s career goals. This is why we do not want to see your working credentials until after we speak about what is important to you, and the job we agree would be a best fit for you to consider.